Top Management

Message from the MD

Alvi Packaging Industries P. Ltd. was conceived to manufacture Eco friendly Packing Tapes, in 1985. It was time when BOPP Packing Tapes were taking over the market of Gummed Paper Tapes. We did not switch over to the manufacturing of BOPP Tapes and searched for new avenues for the Marketing of eco-friendly Gummed Paper Tapes. We developed Veneer tapes for Plywood & Boards manufacturing unit in 1989. In 2002 we developed High Strength Core Veneer Tape for Plywood Industries, which replaced the steel panel pins in Veneer Splicing. It was an innovative breakthrough in Plywood manufacturing. In 2014 we developed Gum Tapes for demanding Gypsum Board ( Dry Wall) industries, in India. Now we are in the process of putting another Coating and Lamination line for the manufacturing of Reinforced Gummed Paper Tapes for Packing of paper cartons.

In our last 36 years journey, it was our resolution to manufacture only Eco-Friendly Gummed Paper Tapes. Our all endeavour in future will be in line to develop and manufacture only Green Packaging Tapes and products.

Message from the Director & COO

At Alvi Packaging Industries P. Ltd. we have always made sure that we never faulter from the principle of manufacturing of eco-friendly products. Minimizing the use of plastics in our system and being sustainable as much as possible in terms of protecting the environment.

We adhere to the promise of continually improving and creating new products for the packaging industry. Promoting MAKE IN INDIA, in actual sense and spirit. And, with that I mean making sure that we manufacture and add value to materials and create best possible outputs in form of products which are import replacements.

With our latest launch of Reinforced Paper Tapes, we proudly say that we have developed the complete technology of manufacturing them indigenously and we will continue manufacturing products which are MADE IN INDIA, FOR THE WORLD.