Fipago, the International Federation of Manufacturers of Gummed Paper, was established in 1957 to ensure the continual technological improvement of gummed paper tape, as well as standardization towards applications and dispensing machinery. Combining creativity and experience, for the benefit of its member’s customers, Fipago has united the entire global gummed paper tape industry: producers, converters, and raw material and equipment suppliers.

Fipago deals in latest technological information, rules and regulations in relation to Gummed Paper.

Fipago recognises Gummed Tape manufacturers from all over the world and organizes conferences yearly for the betterment and growth of the Gummed Paper Industry.

Alvi Packaging Industries, joined Fipago in the year 2019.

It was an honour to meet all the esteemed members of the organization in the Stockholm Conference in June 2019.

Fipago has its headquarters at Haarlem, Netherlands.

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