Reinforced Water Activated (RWAT) launched in India

This story goes back to more than three years from now, back in 2019 when we visited the Fipago ( Congress in Stockholm, we met many of our counterparts from around the world manufacturing Water Activated Tapes. To be honest as we Indians are a bit apprehensive and do underestimate ourselves sometimes, but when we exchanged samples with each other we saw our counterparts keeping those samples for analysis, then we realized that our product quality was equal or above compared to many of them. That actually gave us real confidence that we can actually export our products to European market. For now, we had just restricted ourselves to Middle East & Asia Pacific, that too in a very constraint manner.

Initially we were just planning to expand our production capacity but thereafter we decided we should expand our horizons and get into manufacturing of Reinforced Paper Tapes. Coming back to India, we started our research on the product and its manufacturing. To be honest digging deeper we got to know that this also had to be an SPM (Special Purpose Machine) and we got behind it with all our team.

Little did we know that soon, in early 2020 the world would be hit by such a pandemic that will bring almost everything to a standstill. We also had to consolidate our position in making the existing unit work, the work on the new project had to be completely stopped. After few months we resumed the same but were again hit by the second wave which was even worse and it made us take a step back, rather hold back our next step. By the start of 2021 we were ready with the machine design and things seemed to be working better than the last year. But, COVID just did not cause financial damages but disrupted the complete supply chain of the world, with which the world is still trying to cope up with.

Long story short, whole of 2021 and almost two quarters of 2022 went in waiting for the machinery to arrive, get installed and then started the endless phase of automation and programming. We had to wait for months for small wire harnesses, servo motors & drives. For almost 2 months the ready plant stood still because of a Servo drive and at that moment we just felt helpless and couldn’t do much. At that time, we revisited the time when we had decided that come what may we will manufacture this product in India. Meanwhile we got multiple offers to buy the product from USA & China and re-sell, but we didn’t deviate from our principle of manufacturing and not reselling any product brought from some other manufacturer. Truly believing in “Make in India” as a concept and in spirit.

By the end of 2022 everything was in line and we started trial production in the month of January 2023. It took us month and a half to perfect the product and now with utmost pride we can say that we have now manufactured Reinforced Paper Tape, in India, for the FIRST TIME.

The product is now officially launched, “Made in INDIA, for the WORLD”.

We are now ready to replace it with the incoming imports and also export the product to various parts of the world. Definitely this can be called as a success story but acknowledging the innumerous hours of dedication, perseverance and will power, is must. This proves that we can manufacturer multiple products in India, with indigenous engineering talents having best product quality and at a very competitive price.

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