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WAT – Gummed Paper Tape (Plain) & Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape

As we have discussed in our previous blog, Gummed Paper Tape is strip of paper coated with Adhesive which is Vegetable Starch based and is applied on the surface of the Carton for its sealing. Gummed Paper Tape is activated using “Water”, this is the reason of it being classified under the head of WAT –Water Activated Tape.

WAT is of two kinds broadly classified into categories, i.e. Reinforced and Non-Reinforced (Plain) Gummed Paper Tape.

We at Alvi Packaging Industries are manufacturing a wide array of Gummed Paper Tapes as our customer requirements and fast changing Eco-Friendly Packaging Market.

WAT – Gummed Paper Tape (Non-Reinforced)

Non-Reinforced or Plain Gummed Paper Tape is a strip of Virgin or Recycled Kraft Paper coated with Vegetable Starch based Adhesive. The adhesive activates coming in contact with Water and is then applied on the Carton for sealing.

Once the WAT is applied to the surface of the Carton, it adheres to it completely forming a permanent bond with the Carton. After adhesion it can not be taken off or striped. If tried doing so, it will leave a mark of tampering making it “Tamper Evident”.

The adhesive used in the coating process is completely hygienic and vegetable starch based making it Eco-Friendly and completely odorless.

Plain Gummed Paper Tape is manufactured on:

  • Un-Bleached (Brown) Virgin & Recycled Kraft Paper
  • Bleached (White) Kraft Paper.

Unbleached Brown Kraft Paper has higher tensile strength compared to its bleached counterpart as the process of bleaching weakens the fibre of the paper.
Whereas the Bleached Kraft Paper is better in terms of aesthetics and has a better appearance if printed with customized logos, warnings, etc.

WAT – Gummed Paper Tape (Reinforced)

Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape is next step to the Plain Gummed Paper Tape. Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape consists of “Two” layers or ply of Paper being laminated upon each other and are supported by an internal “Reinforcement” of Glass Fibres.

The Reinforcement of “Glass Fibre” provides the Tape with better Tensile Strength both in MD – Machine Direction and CD – Cross Direction and two layers of paper adds to its strength.

Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape can be divided into multiple grades with varying the Paper Substance (GSM) of the Top and Bottom Layer of the Paper being used and also varying the Tex of the Glass Fibre reinforcement.

Same as the Plain Gummed Paper Tape the Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape is also coated with Vegetable Starch based Adhesive and adheres to the surface of the Carton aggressively making a permanent bond. Any kind of tampering with the Box is clearly evident.
The Glass Fibre reinforcements provide the sealed Carton with much stability and strength when mishandled or dropped.

All of the above mentioned Gummed Paper Tapes are manufactured in various widths, weights, roll and reel diameters depending upon the customer demand. Different size and weight of the Cartons require different Grades of Tape, the weight and width of the Tape required is directly proportional to the weight of the Carton ie. “A carton of higher weight requires a heavier Grade and width of the Tape & Vice Versa”.

All the Raw Material of the Products manufactured at Alvi Packaging Industries are sourced form Nature and are completely Eco-Friendly, Recyclable and Bio-Degradable. All our suppliers being PEFC certified.

We at, Alvi Packaging Industries are in the process of manufacturing Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape in India, for the First time. For the above we are installing New Adhesive Coating Plant and Laminating Plant with state of the art technology.

We were expected to go into production by the end of July 2020, but due to present conditions of a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic we are pushed to go into production by the end of this year. Let us all join hands in the Eco-Friendly Packaging Movement and prove our loyalty towards the Mother Nature by switching to use of Water Activated Tapes.

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